Simon Velez National and International                         


He has designed bamboo buildings in more than 11 different countries such as, Germany, France, E.E.U.U, Brazil, México, Colombia, Panama and china. In December of 2009 he was awarded with the Principal award from the Prince Claus Foundation, due to the culture and nature that he takes into account as an architect


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Furthermore Simon Velez has always contributed to Colombia by the originality of his architectural art that shows to the world the Colombian traditional architecture and also their culture.

For me he is an architect from the future because he is changing the world views by sustainable architecture. He has inspired me in so many ways, due to his innovative ideas, his dedication on each work he have done and the way he uses something like the guadua (bamboo) that in my opinion it was almost impossible to use it as an constructive element. Also the phrase he gave on an interview “we need more vegetarian architecture”. Simon has referred many times to improve the uses of some naure resources such as guadua as what he calls “steal plant”.