Carlos Alberto Vives Restrepo is a Colombian singer, born in Santa Marta (Magdalena) the 7 of August of 1961. He sings: vallenato, cumbia, rock, pop, and tropical music. The He is the first colombian in all the history to win Grammy award in 2002 with the album "Dejame Entrar". He is one of the most important today's colombian musicians with Juanes and Shakira, and throughout the history of our country.


Carlos Vives was just a little boy in Santa Marta who loved music. His father, Luis Vives, knew it and he used to put the little Carlos to sing in Family reunions. When he and his Parents Luis and Aracely moved to the capital city Bogota searching for knew opportunities, the future Colombian star began playing in bars and cafés of the city. Without puting away the school. When he graduated he studied in the Dramatic Art School of Colombia. After that he start to show interest in acting.


He entered to work in Caracol Television, acting as Julian in the novel "Tiempo sin huella". Then in the novel "David Copperfield". Then in a children's program called "Pequeños Gigantes" and "Guineo" a kind of Tarzan. All this between 1982 and 1983. In 1984 and the next year he act in "El Faron" and in "Tuyo es mi corazon". But these wasn't very important yet. In 1986 came the novel in which he became famous towards the country. The novel "Gallito Martinez" with Margarita Rosa de Fransisco his first wife. In that Novel he started to sing. And in that year he began his Music career don't leaving being actor. In the following years he made novels in Puerto Rico. But the next important novel he made was Escalona in 1991 were he interpreted Rafael Escalona. In this Novel he sang his songs and  he made the discs Escalona 2 and Clasicos del Vallenato. He finished this stage in 1995 because it was to difficult to be an actor and a singer at the same time. Although he return to the TV in 2012 in the first season of La Voz Colombia like a trainer.


He began with rock in the year 1986-1989 with the albums: "Por Fuera y Por Dentro", "No podrás escapar de mi", and "Al centro de la ciudad", with FM discos. But he was more famous because of the acting part. In 1990 he divorced of Margarita Rosa and he married Herlinda Gomez and he had 2 children. And in this decade he started to make vallenato. With albums like "la Tierra Del Olvido", and "El amor de mi tierra" with the companies Sonolux and and Polygram. With this series of discs Carlos won a lot of Latín Grammys and Billboard awards. In 1998 he finished his actor stage and dedicating his live completly to music. In that year he united to Virgin Records, companie in which he won his first Grammy and the first in colombian  history, in 2002. But in that year he would stop to make music during 10 years.
In this period he intented to go to the top with "Clásicos de la Provincia 2" but he havent any succes. He was really sad and he thought his carrer would end. He separated from Herlinda and he get married with Claudia Velázquez. She was the woman who made him succesful again. In 2012 there were two facts for Carlos, the first was to be chosen to be a trainer in the TV program called "La Voz", and the second one was his new album "Corazón Profundo" with the song "Volví a Nacer". With this song and disc he won a lot of Latin Grammys and Billboard awards. He was selected by Coca-Cola to be the voice of his World Cup song with David Corey. Then in 2014 he made the album "Mas Corazon+Profundo". Because of this disc he won a Grammy and he broke the Latin Grammy nomination record.

Carlos Vives has one of the best voices in the country and the world. He is a person who had made a lot of social contributions for Colombia. He is so a good musician that when the Colombian presindent went to Spain, he show Carlos Vives to the king. He is an inspiration for all the world, because he didn't surrender he continue forward in the negative times. And he never lost the hope to be again one of the best musicians in the world.

What do I think about Carlos Vives?

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