Carlos Vives is one of the best singers of the country, and the continent. Carlos has been successful actor and musician. Also he has won a lot of Latin Grammys and Billboard awards, but the most important thing is that he does his work with passion. The songs of Carlos Vives get into the heart of the listener. With more than issues Vives gives life lessons that everyone in the world should learn. Can Vives be considerate a life teacher?


He taught me to never give up. In the end of the 90's, and in the early 00's Carlos Vives has been one of the most important Colombian musicians of the History. But in 2004 after his album "El Rock de mi Pueblo". He disappeared, and no one knew about him. Some people thought that he was dead, but he wasn't. The real story is that after that album he couldn't find the road to success again. He tried a lot of times to return, but he couldn't.He continued in 2009 he put all his eggs in one basket with the second version of "Clasicos de la Provincia", but nobody liked that one, and he didn't had succes. Until he got married with Claudia Velazquez, she was the woman who help him in his battle. He didn't gave up, even though he and his carrier was practically done. In 2012 he got his golden opportunity being a trainer in "The Voice Colombia" the country loved him again, and he succeeded again. And today he is one of the most important artists in the planet.


Carlos Vives taught me to love my country. In his songs and in his life, he always had loved Colombia. He has always be a patriot, he loves Santa Marta, the Sierra Nevada, the indigenous, and all Colombia in general. He made his music for everyone not just for the people from the Colombian coast. I have love from him to never forget my origins, to be Colombian until dead. He shows to the world that the people of this country aren't robbers. He never forgets Colombia when he talks, and he teach me that first of all I'm Colombian. And I'll be of this country all my life.


Vives taught me to be who I am. Before and after being famous, he has been the same person. He has never changed in his way of being. He has always been the same sympathetic guy from Santa Marta. And I have learned with his songs to show what I feel in every moment, and to be myself in all the circumstances. Because, you have to be you, and not what others say. To always be happy. This has been the most important thing that I learned from Carlos.


Carlos Vives is a life teacher, because he teaches the road to success and happiness. With his way of being, his history, and his songs. He is the epitome of how the Colombian people are, and how everyone in the world should be and express.

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