Creativity the star of success

What did I learn from John?


John Leguizamo

My Opinion

Success is the level of achievement that someone has in their life; however, It┤s impossible for someone to be successful without creativity. Creativity is the capacity that someone has to create and realize an idea, for innovate and revolutionize the world. The clearest example of a “creativist” is John leguizamo the king of scripts, cameras, roles, scenarios, films, stand-up comedy, and basically the art of acting. Even though he is a Colombian, he outcome at this art; consequently, becoming one of the best actors of the new millennium. Leguizamo is a successful actor because he use his creativity to innovate and revolutionize the world creating spectacular pieces of art; moreover, he use his creativity with different purposes for life. I learned three important things about John Leguizamo.

The first thing I learned about Leguizamo is the ability that this prodigious man has to use his creativity to go ahead in his life by entertaining other people. Leguizamo has success in his life because with his creativity has construct art that is entertaining millions of people; consequently, he had left a huge cultural heritage to the society that cannot be forget so easily. John is successful because he had contribute with his art innovating and revolutionizing the culture.

The second thing I learned about Leguizamo is how he overcome the difficulties through his life by being creative, inventive and daring. He is a person that always fight for what he wanted, and he never surrendered despite the difficult moments. Even though there were nasty moments in his life, he always overcome these difficulties; moreover, He triumphed over the bad times. He taught me that no only overcome difficulties is important but also continue and never see back.


The third thing I learned about leguizamo and I think the one I like the most is that he acquire his creativity by doing what he likes to do. He is a successful person because of his amazing creativity; however, how Leguizamo earn this creativity that makes him so famous? Well creativity is a freely expression of yourself, and if you cannot be freely by doing what you want, you cannot acquire this important thing for forge the path of success. Leguizamo was a person that since he was a very little child always wanted to act, so he do what he wanted waking up his famous creativity that makes him so marvellous.  

In this way I learned three thing about this spectacular actor that is always on target, the first one is that I can use my creativity to not only entertain but also help people, so I can go ahead on my life leaving a legacy in the society. The second thing is overcome the difficulties, and never see back. And the third one and the most important for me is to do what I want to do, so I can wake up my creativity to be a “creativist”.

I can conclude that success is not an Easy Peasy thing; however, following the path that Leguizamo took I could achieve my goals and overcoming adversity.

John CRE

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