The path for accurate politics in Colombia

Origins of an amazing popular leader: Jorge Eliecer Gaitán Ayala was born the 23 of January 1898, in a poor and small neighborhood in the city of Bogota, called Las Cruces. His origins are very humble, growing in a common family of Bogota at that time, struggling with economical problems; hence, placed in a low social status. He had a big family, composed by his father, Eliecer Gaitan Otalora, his mother, Manuela Ayala, and five siblings. The family's situation was never stable. However, his mother (who was a teacher) managed to educate him until he was 12 years old. She was Jorge Eliecer´s biggest inspiration and role model in his life, and who encouraged him to purchase. whatever he wanted to, no matter how big or impossible it seemed to be. Overall, Jorge Gaitan had really modest origins; therefore, he knew the real situation and the needs of the people in Colombia, and this encouraged him to make a change.

How to prepare for changing a nation: Manuela Ayala, Gaitan's mother, educated him up to the age of 12, as she was a schoolteacher, and also because of the economical situation, due to the fact that the family couldn't afford to pay his education. Nevertheless, he entered to a school in Facatativa in 1910, and graduated from the Colegio Martin Restrepo Garcia school, Then, he studied in the law and political science faculty in the Universidad Nacional in Bogota, and graduated as a lawyer with his controversial thesis "Las ideas socialistas en Colombia." Throughout his short lawyer period, his excelent performance in his career made him worthy of the opportunity of studying in the best University of Rome, where he obtained the Enrico Ferri award for his outstanding thesis called "El criterio positive de la autodeterminacion." He prepared himself the best way possible for achieving that change he wanted to see in the country. Moreover, he started to take active participation in his political role since it was legally permitted for him, participating on the 1918 elections and from there on taking part in political movements and protests, always supporting the liberal ideal.

Gaitán constructing a new Colombia: Due to all his studies and his determination, he began to achieve his goals, and evidently, he became a really recognized politician in Bogotá. He developed as a liberal since the beginning, and growing as an excellent governor. He became really controversial as he started reporting and suing horrid crimes such as the Bananeras´ massacres. This made Colombia realize the outstanding leader Gaitán was, and started receiving the support he deserved from the country. Throughout his career he obtained important positions in Colombia´s government. However, he never managed to win any presidential election. Regardless of this, he was distinguished by his willing to help, support and make a change in the country.

Bogotazo: Approximately at 1:05 in the afternoon of the 9th of April, 191948, Jorge Eliecer Gaitán Ayala was killed, receiving three bullet impacts in his head and chest. People in Bgota became crazily enraged; therefore, a violent riot among the city and its surroundings, where the citizenship recklessly vandalized, attaked and destroyed everything on their waywithout better reason than Gaitán´s assassination. Although the facts were tragic, this demonstrate Gaitáns influence over Colombian people, especially in Bogotá. The hope people had in him was a very important matter, because in him they saw the change that Colombia needed.    

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