Cuadrado from victim of a war in Colombia, to be an important player around the world

Who is Juan Guillermo Cuadrado?

Juan Guillermo Cuadrado is one of the most important players of Colombia, he had a lot of problems during his life even when he was starting his football career.

He was born in a town which is Necoclí in the department of Antioquia, near the Caribbean sea. At the age of four, his father died in front of his house because they gave a shot in the back, during all his childhood, he was training football, her mother found a job in Apartadó, and Juan Guillermo lived with his grandmother during one time, after he went to Apartadó to continue training football.

He went to a national tournament in Barranquilla, when the coach of the smaller divisions of Deportivo Cali, at the age of 12 years he never forget about the study, and he went to live alone in Cali when he was separated of his mother and of all his family, the he enter to play in the Colombian league playing with Independiente Medellín, a year passed an he went to itaky to be oart if Udinese calico, but he didn´t do well, so he moved to Lecce, and in one season he moved to Fiorentina, 3 seasons passed and the English team Chelsea want him and nowadays he´s there playing with one of the most important teams of the B.P.L (Barclays Premier League).

Football as an inspiration:

When Juan Guillermo was a little boy he liked to kick balls, including the time when he was starting to make his firts steps, all his live have been playing football, he get in to football schoolas and practiced every time when the school day is finished, but it was very hard for him veacuse in the town were he was born, it was a conflict zone between the FARC and the national army of Colombia. It affected beacuse his father died, and his mother have to go to another town to have a job and have some money, but he always want to play football, even when he lived a lone in Cali, or when he went to B/quilla to the tournament. During all his life he played footbal and want ot be a football player of the most important leagues in world. Nowadays he is a great football player who is in Chelsea F.C., one of the most important clubs in the Premier League and in Europe, that's why he is now recognized as one of the most important person in colombian selection.

What did I learn from Cuadrado?
Nicolas Cubillos