On the Top of the World.

Catherine would reached her best level when classifying to London Olympics in 2012, competition where she achieved silver medal. After this, Catherine will compite in the Diamond League during Moscow´s World Cup. This one would became her first mpost important achievment, recieving gold medal. Her last competition was the central american an caribbean games in Veracruz, where she achieved gold Medal as well

Catherine for Colombia

Catherine is a role model to follow for women in Colombia, because she is an example of overcoming the difficulties with hard work and focusing in your goals. Catherine has contributed in such a big way to Colombian culture, helping lots of foundations in Colombia. Also she has promoted athleticism in Colombia, keeping away children for risks that they may afford during their childhood.

Contributions to the Country

To conclude, I can say that Catherine has been an inspiration for me when I have to face hard situation. This is because thinking about Catherine reminds me that there should be no barrier for someone to achieve his or her goals. After hours following Catherine's career I can say that it is a great expirience and I totally recommend to do the same, because it is a story that begins with a common Colombian background and ends as a nice expirience of overcoming life.


Childhood and early beginnings

Catherine Ibarguen Mena was born in a small town called Apartado, in middle mountainous Colombia; deparment of Antioquia. Daughter of Mr. William Ibarguen and Ms. Francisca Mena, a humble family. Because of the violence her father left the country and her mother moved to another town, so she was educated by her grandma Ayola. At the age of  twelve, young Catherine Ibarguen started in an athletics league, while she studied in San Francisco de Asis´s school. It was there where she had her first trainer, Mr. Wilder Zapata, who took her to her first competition in Medellin. In this competition she won bronze medal, starting as an outstanding young ahtlete.

The Consolidation of a Big One.

Years later, having passed lots of competitions, losses, wons and awards, she beame being considered one of Colombia´s most outstanding athetes. Despite she was not able to classify to  Beijing Olympics in 2008, she did not lose hope and kept training hard. Results were saw in 2011, when she broke her personal record during Bogota´s Grand Pix International (Triple Jump). Catherine did not forgot about studies and started a career without needing to caught between two tools, because of her dedication and hard work being able of doing both activities. She studied nursing in the Metropolitan University of Barranquilla with his also athlete boyfriend Alexander Ramos, finally they graduated on July of 2013.