Silvia Tcherassi

Silvia Tcherassi was  born in Barranquilla, Colombia, with the dream to became   a famous designer and since child she re designs  her parents clothes and like that she was giving her first steps on the design world. Silvia in 1987 participated in the contest to the Queen Carnival of Barranquilla and achievement indeed be it, after this her life completely changed. She had studied interior designs at the School of Design Arturo Tejada after being crowned Queen of Barranquilla she paced to the world of the runway to the world of the scissors, thread, trends, fabrics, etc.


When Silvia decided to make the big change in her life that same year in which was crowned, she also create a successfully collection named by her name: “Silvia Tcherassi”, after this she venture to create a collection of exclusive nighttime wearing and the protagonist was the black color, this collection was called “’Streno”. After taking so many risks in such a short time her name was becoming more famous and she, by her side, proposed to herself new goals and in three years she undated her company “Altamoda”at the same time that she participated to the first version of Colombiamoda. In 1991, when she became a successful woman she married Mauricio Espinosa who is now also part of the administration of the company Altamoda. Thankfully of all the recognitions of Colombiamoda 1992-1995 Silvia in 1996 made her first international appearance in Dusselford. In 1997 take a other risk and design her first wedding dress, in this same year she is recognized like the better designer of Colombia and in 1998 she was called like one of the most influential in Colombia.


Silvia has had not only national recognition but also has an international ones, one of his international demonstration is when in 1999 in the fashion week of Miami and was considered the as the revelation of the event and the she gets the award towards the trajectory. But it isn't the more important thing, the real important ones is when Tcherassi participate in the fashion week in Milan and was invited by Armani and also was the first Colombian designer of were there, in additions she gets the order and word of the French government and participates on the fashion week of Paris which is the most important in the world.

Having so much international success, Silvia decided to move and residence in Miami with her family, where she opened two boutiques but she also have one in Barranquilla and one in Cartagena. After she make sure that she had everything fine, she make some strategists alliances like the one that did with Exito and her collection Arkitect and also actually she counts with her hotel-boutique which is located in Cartagena and the rooms are designed by her.


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