Fashion is a reflection of what we want to be


¨You may rest assured that I will put all my effort, creativity and willigness to achieve putting the Colombian flag in the international fashion industry¨ Silvia Tcherassi.

 Silvia is one of the most recognized Colombian fashion designers not only in the country but also worldwide. In 1990 she created his own company called Altamoda and since it it was born the great new Colombian designer. Its innovative design, its commitment and leadership carried Silvia to the top. Having seen Silvia career and what she has achieved in his life I learned to recognize that with effort and dedication you can achieve your goals moreover to be able to distinguish which are the most important things in life and also learned that in the life will always be obstacles but you have to overcome them.

Something I found very interesting about Silvia's career is that through fashion she knew how to present her Caribbean. Her most recognized and common designs are the Wayuu community representative bags, which show the culture of the region where she was born, so I can see that Silvia through their designs she show her love for the country. For me this is very important because it shows not only her love towards fashion and for this anyone can learn a lot.

I also found that what she did with her ability in fashion was weaving their own future and their road to success. Displaying interviews that she had she says that she knows what she wants, knows where she is going and know what to do to achieve her goals even in there are obstacles . For example, when she started with the company Altamoda drawbacks were presented but with her dedication she hit the sang and succeeded furthermore, now she has several important awards in the world of fashion and even more she has participated on the largest parades in Milan and Miami.

I can also say that Silvia can recognize that the most important thing in life is not fame and be successful, but spending time with your family, consider others, help people who need our help, etc. Silvia for its part had helped people who need someone else, she is a spokeswoman of the UNICEF campaign against land mine “more art, less mines”.

 To sum up, Silvia can teach us from getting to do what we want to show what we want and recognize the importance of life. For me she is someone to follow thus she never throw in the towel and keep fighting for what she want and although many people do not believe it, is too valuable for a dreamer. For my part I will take these lessons and I will apply it in my personal life and is something that I would like to everybody else do.

Copyright @ Angelica M. Gonzalez Dussan