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El mundo según Pirry, the history of Guillermo Arturo Prieto la Rotta

The controversial journalist, his most important legacy.

Guillermo Arturo Prieto la Rotta (Pirry) is a very famous and controversial journalist, that has done many TV programs and reports that involved Colombian society in many aspects. Pirry has been involved in Media Arts, in many ways such as journalism, directing, and many others. His most important contribution to Colombia has been to show the society the truth about many aspects that are unknown and are affecting all of Colombians, making this Pirry has created among the territory many different opinions towards the topics he talks about, he has created points of view, and promoted many courses of action that has created an objective opinion in Colombians. Doing this his has won many awards for journalism and directing in the different programs he has worked on, such as "Premios Simon Bolivar" " Premios TV y Novelas" and " Premios India Catalina", all this awards recognize the hard work he has done in journalism and in Media Arts. With his hard work and opinions he has become a famous and recognized journalist love and hated by Colombians.

Early years of a Colombian Journalist

Guillermo Arturo Pietto la Rotta was born the 3th of May, of 1970, in the cold city of Tunja, Cundinamarca, in a very close and calid family, he lived with his father Jaime Prieto he died ,his mother Clara La Rotta and his two younger sisters Maria Del Pilar and Sonia Prieto La Rotta. He began his studies at the school " Normal Nacional de Varones" , he acquired his nickname "Pirry", in this school, in third grade, when one of his classmates in history class make a comment about Guillermo and since then he was named in this way. When he finished his school studies he began at the 'Univesidad Social Catolica de la Salle' the career of zootechny, and he finished his studies in 1996, after his graduation he didn't developed in this area, because he didn't was really interested in this topic(zootechny), so he worked in other things for years such as DJ, barman, doorman, he worked as a butcher, until he associated with two friends created an adventure sports magazine, the start of a Media Arts career.

The discoverment stage of his life

After the creation of the magazine, his started developing in Media Arts, he began his studies and practices for theater, in this he began working in scripts and characters dialogues at "Casa Nacional del teatro y creation del personaje", after the he officially began his communication career, being the editorial director of the magazine " Mundo sin Limites", then he started working as the photographer and writer for the magazine "Shock", eventually he started sharing his voice and image for different commercials and ad campaigns in television. In 2000 he started his work as RCN( Colombian channel) presenter, in the program "Copa Extrema Sprite", and at the same time he worked as a librettist of the 'Francotiradores' program, the next year he started his acting career in the TV series " Francisco el matemātico". Also in this year he started his journalist and opinion program in the channel RCN named " El Mundo Segun Pirry".

The controversial journalist, nowadays.

Nowadays Guillermo has been in charged of 3 TV programs ( " El Mundo Segun Pirry", " Pirry recargadado" and "Especiales Pirry") he has won many national as international awards for the quality of his work; nationally he has won different awards such as "Premios Simon Bolivar" " Premios TV y Novelas" and " Premios India Catalina", and internationally he is the only Colmbian that has been nominated to an Emmy Award, for the best documentary and report, one of the most important TV awards in the world. He has won many awards in Europe, and all over Latin-America. He has written many important and controversial documents and texts for many magazines, such as Semana, Soho, Cambio and many others. He has made reports in more than 50 countries, not only for the journalist labor, but also because he is a great adventurer and he is a fan of adventure, and dangerous sports. Pirry is not only a journalist, he is a person that has created public opinion, that has shown to Colombians many things related to our nation, an we did not even know, he has made many contributions to Colombia and he has to be recognized because of all the things he have done.


Link to his personal page http://portal.canalrcn.com/content/especiales_pirry_libertad_de_prensa.