Guillermo Arturo Prieto la Rotta (Pirry) is a very famous and controversial journalist, that has done many TV programs and reports that involved Colombian society in many aspects. Pirry has been involved in Media Arts, in many ways such as journalism, directing, and many others. His most important contribution to Colombia has been to show the society the truth about many aspects that are unknown and are affecting all of Colombians, making this Pirry has created among the territory many different opinions towards the topics he talks about, he has created points of view, and promoted many courses of action that has created an objective opinion in Colombians. Doing this his has won many awards for journalism and directing in the different programs he has worked on, such as "Premios Simon Bolivar" " Premios TV y Novelas" and " Premios India Catalina", all this awards recognize the hard work he has done in journalism and in Media Arts. With his hard work and opinions he has become a famous and recognized journalist love and hated by Colombians.

A Colombian journalist


What did I learn from Pirry?

Pirry is one of the most important journalist at Colombia, he is and represents the image of what a controvertial journalist is, he hasmade many things that have shown the population at Colombia real things about things that involve everyone of us.

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